Take the EqualAI® pledge

Aug 12, 2020

AI often acts as a mirror, reflecting and magnifying the values in our society—including our biases. Bias can enter AI through the human touchpoints throughout a product’s lifecycle-- from a lack of diverse perspectives in the system’s design and development to the bias baked into the data from which it learns and iterates. And intentional or not, without our intervention, decades of fighting for equality can be unwritten in a few lines of code.

Through this Pledge, we commit to creating a better, more just reflection. AI may not be the sole source of our challenges with discrimination, but we will strive to use AI as a tool to reduce harmful bias, not replicate and spread it. We are committed to creating and supporting AI that is designed to serve and protect a broader cross-section of our population—and we will ask our partners and vendors to do the same.

Together, we can reduce the impact of harmful bias in AI. We hereby commit to fostering more equitable and inclusive AI by adhering to best practices, such as the EqualAI Framework, and specifically:

  1. I pledge to test (and regularly retest) for unconscious bias in the AI that my company and/or I use or create, particularly in critical areas where we do not want to replicate and scale historical biases against protected classes, such as in hiring, evaluations, promotions, product testing and awarding benefits (e.g., financial & health care services).
  2. I pledge that I will take appropriate, lawful action within my control when I identify harmful biases and patterns in AI that create inequality.
  3. I pledge to ask our vendors and partners to take the Pledge and commit to joining our effort to reduce harmful bias in AI.

EqualAI is proud to celebrate those who take the pledge. Please contact us if you prefer to keep your commitment private.

If you have questions or feedback, send us an email at

What else can you do?

Take action

See our EqualAI® Framework and EqualAI Checklist© for best practices.

Partner with us

Support EqualAI® and other organizations trying to end discrimination.

Contact us

Share your feedback on ways we can collaborate to reduce bias in AI.

Challenge your community

Challenge friends and competitors to follow your lead and take the pledge.