EqualAI • Aug 12, 2020

Take the EqualAI® pledge

TechCrunch • Jun 24, 2020

Biased AI perpetuates racial injustice

AXIOS • Jun 15, 2020

Fresh concerns about AI bias in the age of COVID-19

Thrive Global • Jun 14, 2020

Biased AI perpetuates racial injustice

U.S. House of Representatives • May 8, 2020

Bicameral letter to prohibit federal funding of biased algorithms

Design Week • Jan 17, 2020

Siri, Alexa and unconscious bias—the case for designing fairer AI assistants

NBC News • Dec 6, 2019

Artificial Intelligence has a gender problem — why it matters for everyone

Bloomberg • Oct 11, 2019

Law on Hiring Robots Could Trigger Litigation for Employers

Fortune • Sep 21, 2019

Beyoncé Was Sued Over Her Website Violating the Americans With Disabilities Act. And You Could Be Too

Axios • Sep 4, 2019

A proposed HUD rule on AI could allow for housing discrimination

Axios • Aug 30, 2019

Making equitable access to credit a reality in the age of algorithms

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Is AI Really Biased Against Women?

BBC • May 21, 2019

Female-voice AI reinforces bias, says UN report

Axios • May 21, 2019

How bias creeps into health care AI

CNN • Apr 29, 2019

Want to work for L'Oreal? Get ready to chat with an AI bot

Axios • Apr 18, 2019

Policing AI: Is it a task for government, industry, consumers or all of the above?

The Verge • Apr 11, 2019

A new bill would force companies to check their algorithms for bias

Financial Times • Apr 10, 2019

The perils of AI bias

Quartz • Apr 6, 2019

Facebook’s algorithm makes some ads discriminatory—all on its own

Seattle Times • Mar 31, 2019

Amazon’s role in co-sponsoring research on fairness in AI draws mixed reaction

EqualAI • Feb 15, 2019

A message from EqualAI® Executive Director

WSJ • Feb 13, 2019

A Crucial Step for Averting AI Disasters

New York Times • Feb 11, 2019

Trump Signs Executive Order Promoting Artificial Intelligence

Press Release • Dec 13, 2018

Former White House Official and Associate Deputy Attorney General Miriam Vogel to Lead EqualAI®

Independent • Dec 7, 2018

Microsoft calls for regulation of face recognition technology after admitting it could discriminate

TechEngage • Dec 1, 2018

Meet Norman AI; the American Psycho of Digital World

Forbes • Nov 29, 2018

Overcoming AI’s Challenge In Hiring: Avoid Human Bias

Reuters • Nov 27, 2018

Fearful of bias, Google blocks gender-based pronouns from new AI tool

Reuters • Oct 8, 2018

Amazon scraps secret AI recruiting tool that showed bias against women

MIT Technology Review • Oct 3, 2018

Forget Killer Robots—Bias Is the Real AI Danger

Virtual Event • Aug 17, 2018

Understanding and preventing gender bias in AI

Chatham House • Aug 14, 2018

The Human Factor Is Essential to Eliminating Bias in Artificial Intelligence

Virtual event • Jul 23, 2018

Gender bias in AI: What it is, why it hurts us, and how to stop it

NPR • Jul 9, 2018

The Push For A Gender-Neutral Siri

Press release • Jun 19, 2018

Business Leaders Call For New Ethical Standards Within AI

Open Letter • Jun 18, 2018

EqualAI®: the open letter

CNBC • May 30, 2018

Silicon Valley is stumped: Even A.I. cannot always remove bias from hiring

The Atlantic • May 23, 2018

The Future of AI Depends on High-School Girls

Fortune • May 10, 2018

Thousands of Sexist AI Bots Could Be Coming. Here’s How We Can Stop Them.

NPR • Apr 30, 2018

Kids, Meet Alexa, Your AI Mary Poppins

Forbes • Apr 10, 2018

Interfaces of the Future: The Importance of Conversational Commerce

CIO • Mar 23, 2018

Busting Bias in AI

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